European Union started court action against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic over migrant quotas

Brussels’s ECJ (European Court of Justice) is set to take Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic to court for their refusal to accept the (forced/mandatory) migrant quotas. The EU’s mandatory relocation scheme is opposed vehemently by the Visegrad group’s conservative and nationalist leaders, who regard (forced) multiculturalism in Sweden, France, Germany and the UK as an epic failure and an immense threat to the security of their citizens (among other things). The Visegrad countries argued in the past that EU’s forced migrant quotas transgresses their sovereignty. EU Commission first vice-president Frans Timmermans has deliriously said (whom does he serve?): “There can be no free riders in serious crises. We must be able to depend on every single member state. There is no sea wide enough, no fence wide enough to stop people coming”.
This is a mistake of historical proportions by the EU’s pro immigration/pro open borders (and childless I may add) leadership. They have created a situation that mirrors the history of European migration onto American Indian lands, while also creating pressure for secession by these states from the EU in a mirror of events leading to America’s Civil War.
However the EU is becoming selfish(few children), lazy, social-communist, and feminine. “Laws” are enforced by the power(the monopoly on violence) of the state. When these countries who refuse to destroy themselves for Merkel and Juncker will clearly state that they are ready to defend themselves to the death, the EU will look as silly as a dog suddenly facing the stopped car it was chasing.
Look at the major players of the EU. Their enforcement apparatus stands by while immigrant radicals create mayhem, and then run down the opposers who are unlikely to be violent. These intolerable situations will eventually lead to citizens screaming bloody murder for totalitarianism. The government will comply. Case in point: the TSA in the US, which is a joke.