Criminal law

The firm provides advice and defence activities for both individuals and companies involved in criminal proceedings for many kind of crimes.

SQ Law can help with white collar crimes (product liability, bankruptcy fraud, corruption, corporate crimes, economic espionage, embezzlement, financial fraud, government fraud, healthcare fraud, insider trading, insurance fraud, IT fraud, money laundering, securities fraud, tax evasion, trade secret theft, bribery, etc.); crimes against people (assault, battery, disaster, murder, sexual offences, trespassing, etc.); crimes against property (burglary, criminal damage, theft, trespassing, etc.); and crimes against justice (official misconduct, perjury, etc.).

SQ Law defends and investigates criminal cases that result from medical malpractice, health and safety law violations, environmental law violations, privacy, and defamation. We rely on external experts and private investigators to provide technical assistance in the defence and investigatory activities.

We assist companies in drafting Organizational and Management Models in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, which introduced the administrative liability of companies for certain crimes committed or attempted by their directors or subordinates in the interest or advantage of the same companies

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