Intellectual property

SQ Law has significant expertise in intellectual property rights, such as patents, service and trademarks. We have vast experience assisting clients with negotiations and drafting relevant agreements.

SQ Law assist Italian, Belgian and international clients in all legal aspects connected to intellectual and industrial property protection.

This expertise includes ordinary and urgent judicial protection before ordinary courts and before Italian, Belgian and international arbitration courts (i.e. requests for provisional injunctions, seizure and confiscation of goods, publication of notices in newspapers, destruction of counterfeited products, prosecution’s management before criminal courts, etc.).

It also includes extra-judicial assistance (i.e. administrative procedures for the registration of trademarks, patents, designs, models etc., before the competent national and international authorities).

SQ Law offer tailored assistance with investigations, monitoring, and preventive measures concerning intellectual and industrial property rights protection, and also with national and international anti-piracy legislation issues, trademarks and patents counterfeiting, breach of license contracts, unfair competition practices, “domain grabbing”, etc.

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